Meet Our Staff

The People Who Make McCrite Plaza Senior Living So Special

Caring. Committed. Compassionate.

McCrite Plaza at Briarcliff

Director<br>Cassidy McCrite

Cassidy McCrite

Director of Advertising

Director of Advertising & Technology
Joe Cavaluzzi

Marketing<br>Patrice Pitts

Patrice Pitts

Director of Memory Care<br>Connor McCrite

Director of Memory Care
Connor McCrite

Director of Nursing Services<br>Marla Tournade

Director of Nursing Services
Marla Tournade

Marketing<br>Kelsey Whittle

Kelsey Whittle

Social Worker<br>Kayla (McCrite) Hoffman

Social Worker
Kayla (McCrite) Hoffman

Resident Coordinator<br>Tom Wideman

Resident Coordinator
Tom Wideman

McCrite Plaza Topeka

Apartment Director<br>Kameron Patrick

Apartment Director
Kameron Patrick

Admissions Coordinator<br>Jennifer Gabel

Admissions Coordinator
Jennifer Gabel

Marketing<br>Cindee Williams

Cindee Williams

Health Center Administrator<br>Melanie Butler

Health Center Administrator
Melanie Butler

Human Resources<br>Sarah Saenz

Human Resources
Sarah Saenz

Marketing<br>Anna Gemmer

Anna Gemmer

Controller<br>Tina Karns

Tina Karns

Wellness Coordinator<br>Wendy Fisher

Wellness Coordinator
Wendy Fisher

New Resident Coordinator<br>Trish Tripe

New Resident Coordinator
Trish Tripe